2023 Pet Nat


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A Petillant Naturel or Pet Nat, produced from our Margaret River, estate grown, Chenin Blanc and fermented in the bottle.

Colour: Straw Gold.

Bouquet: Bursting with Nashi pears, white peaches and apple shortcake.

Palate: Fine beading bubbles give way to a generous palate of nectarines and crunchy crisp apples. Bottle fermentation has given rise to fresh baked bread notes and a dry finish making this wine a fun easy drinking bubbly wine. Preservative free and made for drinking from the early morning to late at night.

Winemakers Note: Short for 'pétillant naturel', and translating from French as 'naturally sparkling', these lightly sparkling wines have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Vinification: These wines are made with as little intervention as possible; there's nothing added during the process, and nothing filtered out at the end. The wine is simply taken from the barrel and bottled while it's still undergoing fermentation, then sealed using a crown cap, which traps a small amount of carbon dioxide – the natural result of fermentation – to create the magic which turns to bubbles. No Sulphites made for immediate consumption.

Harvest: The grapes were picked on March 21. Vintage 2023: Winter was cool and long here in Margret River with even a few frosts that are very rare. This helped with dormancy and pruning could be done in a timely manner. It stayed cool all the way through till the end of November pushing budbreak and flowering back up to 3 weeks on last year. By the end of November, the weather was perfect without a drop of rain till 3rd of March. Warm but not hot conditions with temperatures around 30 degrees helped things catch up from the late spring. No Marri blossom has meant there were a lot of nets on and off protecting fruit from birds as it ripens. Yields were higher than the previous two vintages and the overall quality of fruit is exceptional.

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