2023 CabMac Syrah


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A small run of this delightful project wine.Production: 118 dozen

Colour: Deep crimson with purple hues.

Bouquet: Confectionary in a glass, with lifted raspberry cordial and boysenberry jam from the carbonic maceration process.

Palate: The palate is juicy and fruit driven with berry coulis and redskins a plenty. Young and vivacious, this wine is built on fruitfulness with do drying tannins and a crisp bright acidity. Serve lightly chilled for the perfect summer red! 

Winemakers Note: Whole bunches of grapes are placed in vats, which are then sealed and filled with CO2 to remove the oxygen. Carbonic maceration extracts some colour from the grapes but little tannin, generally creating red wines that are light in colour, low in tannin and which have a soft, fruity character. Wines made in this style include Beaujolais Nouveau and are often best when drunk young and sometimes even lightly chilled. In these processes, esters such as ethyl cinnamate are produced in higher quantities than normal, lending flavours such as raspberry, strawberry, and bubblegum.

Vinification: Hand harvested by the winemaker himself, 1.52 tonne of whole Syrah/Shiraz bunches were gently placed inside a bin keeping all berries intact. Carbon Dioxide was used to saturate the bin, making it oxygen free before being sealed up to make a grape sarcophagus. After 2 weeks of Carbonic Maceration, where the berries ferment from the inside resulting in the lovely fruity aromas, the grapes were destemmed and fermented like any other red wine. Basket pressed into old barrels and matured for 6 months before being bottled young and fresh.

Vintage 2023  9/10: Winter was cool and long here in Margret River with even a few frosts that are very rare. This helped with dormancy and pruning could be done in a timely manner. It stayed cool all the way through till the end of November pushing budbreak and flowering back up to 3 weeks on last year. By the end of November the weather was perfect without a drop of rain till 3rd of March. Warm but not hot conditions with temperatures around 30 degrees helped things catch up from the late spring. No Marri blossom has meant there were a lot of nets on and off protecting fruit from birds as it ripens. Yields were higher than the previous two vintages and the overall quality of fruit is exceptional.