2020 Cane Cut Chenin Blanc Dessert Wine


2020 Cane Cut Chenin Blanc Dessert Wine


 Production: 156 dozen /375ml bottles

Colour: Deep straw gold.

 Nose: Caramalised pears with pineapple and tropical fruits and a hint of toastyness.

 Palate: Luscious juicy pineapples and candied lemons intermingled with caramalised fresh figs. Fine acid backbone brings freshness and lightness to the sweet fruits.

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Production: 92 dozen/375ml bottles

Colour: Deep golden straw.

Nose: A beautiful combination of green apple, lime brûlée, juicy apricot, fresh pineapple, marzipan and cumquat.

Palate: The palate is lusciously sweet with an array of orange, mandarin, green apple and lime tart, balanced with a crisp acidity.